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Dr. Reyes extracts (pulls) teeth for these reasons:

  1. loss of supporting tissue (bone and gums); or
  2. infection involving the nerve (pulpal tissue of the tooth.) This type of infection develops when germs find an entry into the nerve canal of a tooth diseased with decay or fractured.
  3. Certain fractured teeth cannot be restored and have to be extracted.

Impacted Tooth Extraction (Wisdom Tooth)
An impacted tooth is one which is blocked from growing into its normal position in the mouth. The teeth most often impacted are upper and lower third molars (wisdom teeth) and the upper cuspids (eyeteeth or canines) However, other teeth can also become impacted. The presence of impacted teeth is usually detected when the jaws are x-rayed but sometimes they may be discovered as a hard swelling in the area of impaction. Dr. Raul Reyes will probably recommend an extraction of your impacted tooth or some other treatment.

Impacted teeth are removed for the following reasons:

  1. Infection and inflammation, causing recurring pain and discomfort in soft tissue around the wisdom teeth.
  2. Pain upon closing of the jaws in the area of the impacted tooth;
  3. Destruction or erosion of nearby teeth and bone due to growth of the capsule surrounding an impacted tooth.
  4. Lack of adequate space for the tooth to erupt normally

Once the tooth is extracted, you will have a space that you may want to fill with a fixed Bridge or removable  Denture or Implant. Replacement of missing teeth may be necessary to prevent the drifting of adjacent and/or opposing teeth to maintain function, or for cosmetic appearances.

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