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Endodontic (Root Canal) Therapy:
Teeth, just as any other part of your body, can become infected. The infection usually is caused by 1.) a deep cavity entering the nerve of the tooth, or 2.) traumatic injury to the tooth. The infected tooth forms an abscess which will require examination and testing for accurate diagnosis. An abscessed tooth is nearly always evident with an x-ray. A tooth with an abscess need not necessarily be extracted, because a dental procedure commonly called root canal therapy will control the infection and allow healing. This treatment will  save your tooth and avoid the harmful effects of tooth loss.

Root canal therapy is usually done in one to three appointments. The first step is to remove the nerve (pulpal tissue) from the small, hollow tube (root canal) located down the center of the tooth. Then sometimes a strong medicine is sealed in the canal until the next appointment. Next the canal will be filed and be permanently filled and sealed. Next  your dentist will prepare the tooth for a permanent filling or crown. The abscessed area at the end of the root canal (under the gum ) will start to heal slowly and may require several months for complete healing.